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Rhik Samadder

Can Anybody Resist Hamilton? (Highly Likely No)

Actor and writer Rhik Samadder share his thoughts and impressions about Hamilton. He is a living example that probably nobody can resist the award-winning musical. Before seeing it live, he was quite ... Read More

Hamilton and Colorado Rockies

What Might Be Common Between Colorado Rockies and Hamilton?

Award-winning Hamilton musical comes to Denver, so all the interested are compulsively buying up the tickets. On Monday morning you could observe a huge line near the ticket selling office as early as at ... Read More

Hamilton Denver Center

Tickets for Denver’s Premiere of “Hamilton” Will Be Available in January

Fans of the award-winning musical will be able to see it at the Denver's Buell Theatre from February 27 till April 1. The starting price for the tickets comprises $75. Dreams of “Hamilton” fans ... Read More

ASu Gamage Tempe

The Hamilton Musical Inspired ASU Professors for New Educational Initiatives

Now the students can study music, performance art and American History from the perspective of Hamilton. The Tony-winning Hamilton become not only a legendary musical which shook the world but also ... Read More

Hamilton education

Broadway’s Hamilton Becomes a Part of U.S. Educational Program

Theatres in Chicago opened their doors for more than 2,000 high school students: they all got an opportunity to attend the Hamilton show for free within their admission to Northwestern University. ... Read More

Paul Tazewell

The Cast of “Hamilton” Dressed by Paul Tazewell

The Bloomberg Businessweek Design conference was the place where Paul Tazewell had been caught by cheeky paparazzi. He worked on numerous projects though the brightest one is definitely “Hamilton... Read More

Lil Manuel Miranda

The Two Proudest Latinos Recall Their Past

Miranda started to express his cultural pride since his school time. New York is a salad bowl where lots of nationalities get mixed together. Some of them neglect their descent, others are proud of ... Read More

Phillipa Soo

“The Eliza Project” by Philippa Soo

Philippa Soo is now an off-stage Elizabeth Hamilton. She is determined to help children in New York. Quoting her: “A part of my journey in portraying Eliza was to do as much research as I could”... Read More

Original Hamilton Cast

New Projects of Creatives and Original Cast of “Hamilton”

The epoch of “Hamilton” is not going to end soon. It is in prime of its life so far. However, the original cast views the musical as a happy past. The musical was the greatest step in their ... Read More

Lil Manuel Miranda

How Much Lin-Manuel Miranda Earns?

The idea Miranda came up with turned into a multi-million-dollar gigantic project. It seems like “Hamilton” conquered nearly the half of the world. And it keeps making profit every musical would ... Read More


The Medicines Against Hamilaria Have Been Invented

Did Hamilton songs get stuck in your head? No doubt, you have already watched the musical for a couple of times. And you probably listened to the recordings for God knows how many times. Is it true? If ... Read More

Hamilton mixtape

Miranda: Hamilton is a Piece of Theatre Not Cinema

Hamiltomania is not sedating across the world going by the ticket demand. Several bunches of awards and spectators’ love make the show more powerful within the time. However, not everyone is so ... Read More

Hamilton Camel in Chicago

The Trace of “Hamilton” in Chicago Zoo

The musical seems to be omnipresent wherever you go. That is why you should not be surprised at encountering traces of the show even in zoo. A new habitant was born at Chicago Lincoln Park Zoo, it ... Read More

Elizabeth Hamilton

Elizabeth Hamilton: An American Musical. Why Not?

The biography of Alexander Hamilton tells about a woman that actually shaped him as a leader. That woman is Elizabeth Schuyler, his wife and supporter in all his endeavors. She had a spirit of ... Read More


Alexander Hamilton: Who was He?

The performance “Hamilton” has made a real sensation within the whole country and far beyond it. People can’t get enough of it till now. The times of the Revolutionary War had a great deal of ... Read More


Grab Your Chance to Join “Hamilton” in London

The London production of “Hamilton” opens on 7 December at the Victoria Palace Theatre. Male actors at the age of 20-30 are welcome to send their videos, CV and photos to hamiltoncasting@camack.... Read More


Cardboard Lessons as a Time-Machine to Hamilton Times

It seems that there is no person who wouldn’t know about Alexander Hamilton. Actually, his personality is still at the tip of the tongue thanks to the musical created by Lin-Manuel Miranda. There ... Read More


A Scorching Weather is not an Obstacle to Get LA Hamilton Tickets

Hollywood Boulevard cannot recall the times of a greater line for a musical show. The temperature nearly got 90 degrees and people were still determined to endure the heat. Their aim was to purchase ... Read More


5 Facts You Didn’t Know about “Hamilton”

1. The White House is where “Hamilton” began Actually, it was not the musical as it is now. Lin-Manuel Miranda performed the song “Alexander Hamilton” in 2009 at the White House during the ... Read More


Miranda’s Mom Reveals His Secrets

Not only Lin-Manuel Miranda got fame, recognition and popularity but his parents to some extent as well. They are frequently interviewed whenever journalists spot them. Cheeky reporters asked Luz ... Read More


The Background of Lin-Manuel Miranda

It is a well-known fact that Lin-Manuel Miranda comes from Puerto Rico. His father, Luis Miranda, left his motherland at the age of 19 for New York. Years passed and his son went to one of New York’s ... Read More


“Hamilton” Performed by Canadian Students Gets Blocked on YouTube

Young guys from Wexford Collegiate School of the Arts (Toronto, Canada) wanted to pay tribute to the revolutionary musical Hamilton. The story about an overlooked Founding Father has won over Canadian ... Read More


Javier Munoz Assumes the Throne of Lin-Manuel Miranda

Miranda is a king of Musical with no exaggerations. He is its creator and a setting-record holder of various nominations gained within one year! It is he who made “Hamilton” a trademark of aroused ... Read More


Miranda Hangs up his Breeches and Waistcoat: He Leaves the Cast of Hamilton

The rumors about Miranda’s leaving are true. He officially confirmed his departure from a famous crew called the cast of Hamilton. Panic seized Miranda’s fans. Many would say the musical “Hami... Read More


Donald Trump Says: The Cast of Hamilton Owes an Apology to Pence

Mike Pence (the USA vice-president elect) visited the musical Hamilton in New York. While entering the hall he got unwelcome reception from the audience. The video taken from the cameras showed ... Read More