Afraid of Missing Out? Buy Tickets to See Hamilton in Las Vegas Right Now

Check out The Smith Center’s official website and book your seat on Hamilton’s premiere in Las Vegas.

Smith Center Las Vegas

It’s also possible to buy tickets at the land-based box office of The Smith Center, but the date of additional sale has been not announced yet. The date will be known closer to the event which will be run from May 29 to June 24. Also, you can call “702-749-2000” and book your ticket via phone.

It doesn’t matter which method you use to purchase Hamilton tickets in Las Vegas — in any way, you’ll get a receipt. Why do you need it? The point is, tickets will be not issued at the time of sale, but mailed two weeks before the show you’re going to visit. You can use one e-mail address to buy only 4 tickets.

The Smith Center’s president Myron Martin explained why they encourage people to purchase tickets online.

“It’s quite time-consuming to process orders in the box office, while our website can handle hundreds of queries in a matter of seconds. This way, we have less expenditure.”

The total amount of available tickets comprises 63,000 However, 23,000 of them will be gone to seasonal subscribers for the 2017-2018 season. A Reynolds Hall can accommodate only 2050 people, so these tickets will be distributed across the performances.

The Smith Center website also promises to cancel all purchases violating the ticket policy of the center. This means that the venue is the only eligible issuer of tickets for Las Vegas Hamilton performances.

The price of the tickets varies from $69 to $194, without including applicable fees. Also, there are several premium seats available at $569. The cost has been set by Hamilton producers.

If you want to save you money, you can participate in a “Ham4Ham” lottery, where 40 people can get tickets at only $10. The lottery will be opened closer to performances and will be held before each show.

Hamilton’s producer Jeffrey Seller strongly advises not to buy tickets in other places aside from The Smith Center. A lot of third-party services sell overpriced or counterfeit tickets, so it’s better to hurry up and buy official tickets to see Hamilton in Las Vegas.

So if you want to visit the show and ensure that Hamilton is a masterpiece of the modern performances art, don’t wait too long and secure yourself a way in to this show.

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