Hamilton in Australia

The Hamilton Musical is one of the most celebrated shows in Broadway history. Created by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the musical has won numerous awards, including the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and multiple Tony Awards. It tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States, and features a diverse cast and a blend of different musical styles. Now, Australian fans of the musical can rejoice because Hamilton is coming to Australia.

Hamilton in Australia

Australia Tour Deatails

Hamilton will be making its way around Australia before embarking on its first international tour, starting in Auckland. The show is set to open in Sydney in March 2021 and Melbourne in March 2022, with its final Australian performance taking place in Brisbane from January 2023.

The production is highly anticipated in Brisbane, with tickets currently on sale until Sunday, April 2, 2023, through qpac.com.au. Information about the final release of tickets for Brisbane will be available soon. Following the Brisbane season, Hamilton will travel to Auckland’s Spark Arena for performances beginning in May 2023.

Tickets for the Melbourne season are currently on sale through ticketek.com.au, but only until January 15, 2023. Fans interested in attending the Auckland season can sign up for the waitlist now available at hamiltonmusical.com/international-tour, with tickets going on sale starting December 5, 2022, through Ticketmaster.

The Australian production of Hamilton will feature a talented cast and creative team, including some of Australia’s top musical theatre performers. Jason Arrow will play the lead role of Alexander Hamilton, while Chloé Zuel will play the role of Eliza Hamilton. Other cast members include Akina Edmonds as Angelica Schuyler, Matu Ngaropo as George Washington, and Marty Alix as Thomas Jefferson.

The creative team behind the Australian production of Hamilton includes director Thomas Kail, choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler, and music director Nigel Westlake. The show will also feature sets by David Korins, costumes by Paul Tazewell, lighting by Howell Binkley, and sound by Nevin Steinberg.

Tickets for Hamilton in Australia are already selling fast, with many shows selling out in record time. If you’re interested in seeing the show, it’s important to book your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

Why Hamilton Matters

So why is Hamilton such an important musical, and why is its arrival in Australia such a big deal? There are several reasons why Hamilton has become a cultural phenomenon and why it has resonated with audiences around the world.

One of the most significant reasons is the show’s commitment to diversity and representation. Hamilton features a cast of mostly non-white performers, which is a rarity in musical theatre. The show also explores themes of immigration, race, and the American Dream, which are particularly relevant in today’s world.

Another reason why Hamilton is so important is its impact on the musical theatre industry. The show’s success has helped to break down barriers and redefine what musical theatre can be. It has inspired a new generation of artists and creators, who are now pushing the boundaries even further.

Finally, Hamilton is important because it tells a compelling story that is both timeless and relevant. Alexander Hamilton’s story is one of perseverance, ambition, and tragedy, and it resonates with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. The show’s blend of different musical styles also helps to make it accessible to a wider audience, as it includes everything from rap to traditional show tunes.


In conclusion, the arrival of Hamilton in Australia is a significant event for fans of musical theatre. The show’s commitment to diversity, representation, and innovation has helped to redefine the industry and inspire a new generation of creators. The Australian production of Hamilton features a talented cast and creative team, and tickets are selling fast, so it’s important to book early if you want to see the show.