Hamilton in Fresno 2022

All residents of Fresno are waiting their turn to watch the famous story with own eyes. The Broadway show is supposed to stay in on Mar 30 – Apr 10 (2022) at Saroyan Theatre. Buy “Hamilton” Fresno tickets to see the show with your own eyes.

During Hamilton US tour people across the country hope to welcome the musical cast in their cities. Unlike others, you are 100% lucky to reserve seats and enjoy the creation of Lin Manuel Miranda personally. You can make preparatory arrangements at hamiltontickets.org in order to watch the show for sure.

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Show details

The show takes place at Saroyan Theatre: 730 M Street, Fresno, CA USA.

Average start time: Monday-Friday – 8:00 PM, Saturday-Sunday – 2:00 or 8:00 PM.

Latest Hamilton Fresno Reviews

INTOCABLE WAS AWESOME!!!! Being engaged to an enriching young woman has its perks. She has exposed me to great music and dancing; elements I have already been to shy, embarrassed or self-conscious to attempt before. I must say if it were not for the bands performance, I'd have given my experience at most half a star. The logistics of the event were frustrating. The staff seemed to not know how to do their job. The metal detectors weren't on. At various points throughout the venue, card readers either had no power or weren't reading debit or credit cards; forcing one to withdraw cash at either one of two ATM's onsite. This action included a fee of $4! There was way overpriced food in the courtyard on the south side of the theater. We arrived early to eat before the show. Upon going outside, the staff was telling us if we excited we were needed to re-enter the event through the front. They finally put up some barriers to solve the problem. The sound system was poor. At various times, staff struggled to keep mic's attached to the bands instruments working. I highly recommended you to eat prior to or after attending a performance. We ordered 8 tacos and one burrito. It cost us $41!!! There were no soda's in ice, so I went and bought one for $6 at one of the concession stands. There were no lids or straws for the fountain drinks. Thank God I was in a good mood and happily made light conversation with the staff, but I figured I'd leave my honest experience to help others in future experiences. The only reason I'd ever go back is for a great performance. I'd probably go as far as sneaking my own food and snacks in.
funfox gaming
funfox gaming
03:32 18 Jul 21
Nice place, told me to throw away my water just to buy one inside tho...
scott herring
scott herring
18:03 23 Feb 20
Amazing venue for symphonies and orchestra events. The finest in the state. Best place for seating is the upstairs balcony where the acoustics are outstanding. CASMEC does an outstanding job to have this at this fabulous place.
Danny Russell
Danny Russell
03:04 12 Feb 20
Better access to handicap people that want to sit in the balcony. But overall hasn't changed in the last 50 years. The production we saw was really good.
Brian Kaskie
Brian Kaskie
05:34 07 Feb 20
Easy access with simple layout. Reasonable leg space yet taller folks block views of stage. Paid $150 for row E and would probably sit further back to gain a little more leverage. Parking is convenient with places battling at $8 or 10. Take the 8..
Andrew Latta
Andrew Latta
01:16 20 Nov 19
Sat in the front row and very good seats. They were comfortable seats for a long show, a little shy on the leg room for when people leave their seats and walk in front of you. A little hard to see the letters on the side of the chair when you are trying to find your seat in the dark but someone was there to guide us in during the show.Parking was good and not bad price, and lots of room for the venue.Overall great place would visit again
Christopher White
Christopher White
20:06 23 Oct 19
Every concert or event or comedy show here is amazing. The place is bog enough to get the shows. And small enough to really enjoy it. The Saroyan has continued to offer actual entertainment for years. Thank you.
Cathleen Armstrong
Cathleen Armstrong
17:25 16 Jul 19
Fantastic theatre. I saw the Fresno Junior Symphony and their performance was remarkable. The conductor was excellent and managed a huge number of kids. The sound in the theater was wonderful. They sold some snack food during intermission. I highly recommend this place for any kind of performance and there isn’t a bad seat in the house!


Alexander Hamilton Joseph Morales
Aaron Burr Jared Dixon
King George II Neil Haskell
John Laurens/Phillip Hamilton Elijah Malcomb
Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson Warren Egypt Franklin
Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds Darilyn Castillo
George Washington Marcus Choi
Eliza Hamilton Stephanie Jae Park
Angelica Schuyler Ta’Rea Campbell
Hercules Mulligan/James Madison Desmond Sean Ellington

Next stop of National tourSt. Louis, MO on Apr 12 – May 15 (2022).

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