The Background of Lin-Manuel Miranda

The Background of Lin-Manuel Miranda

It is a well-known fact that Lin-Manuel Miranda comes from Puerto Rico. His father, Luis Miranda, left his motherland at the age of 19 for New York. Years passed and his son went to one of New York’s school being and feeling like a Latino.

He was proud of sharing his Puerto-Rican culture with his peers. Miranda would bring food and things the rest of the children didn’t hear about. This is when he felt how important your background is. However, the most important part about that is never forget where you are from. You are either a guy from a minority culture who becomes a part of the community or you are a proud Latino who stands out from the crowd. He has definitely chosen the latter.

The personage of Alexander Hamilton was not a random choice. Miranda’s interest to Hamilton was ignited not only because of his achievements but his origin as well. In one of the interviews Lin-Manuel Miranda said: “When I realized he (A. Hamilton) came from the Caribbean I said I know this guy. He is you, he is the taxi driver who became a congressman, he is a version of the story we know”. Saying that, he meant his father (Luis Miranda was a director of Hispanic Affairs, later on he held other influential offices).

Lin-Manuel Miranda knew how it felt to be an immigrant. He consummately transmitted the strength of character Alexander Hamilton possessed. It helped him build a new country where cultural diversity became a foundation for the USA.

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