About Hamilton – Broadway Musical

First Alexander Hamilton tickets were sold to the audience on August 6, 2015 (in Chicago – September 27, 2016). This day was an onset for its omnipresent popularity all over the world. The list of accolades only within a year is really impressive: 8 Drama Desk Awards, a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album, a Pulitzer Peace Prize for Drama. It seems like HM not going to stop by winning a Tony nomination. It aims at getting “Best Musical” either!

In this year Hamilton started National US tour with start point at San Francisco on March 10, Orpheum Theatre. After that, the cast is planning to stay at Los Angeles from 11 August, Pantages Theatre.

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There is a question: why is this musical so awesome?

The idea originated after a success of the hip-hop musical “In the Height” by Lin-Manuel Miranda. He was in the airport looking forward to vacations. Having nothing to do he took the book by Ron Chernow “Alexander Hamilton”. It piqued a great interest to the story of one the Founders of the USA. He got down to writing in 2009 and the plot won over the hearts of millions in 2015. Apart from creating the idea, Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote lyrics and music.

In 2013 Miranda started showing his story at the Vassar Reading Festival (he performed with no costumes, setting and so on). It was a big turning point to a greater success. Off-Broadway was the next step for the actors and it took place in New York, February 2015. Tickets had been sold out at the Public Theater. It meant one more step up on their way to popularity. In August 2015 Musical got to Broadway Richard Rodgers theatre. The Chicago production of Hamilton opened at the PrivateBank Theatre in September 2016.

The performance opened with the explanation how Alexander had managed to became a Founding Father of the United States despite being born in an ordinary family. The main part of the show is centered around his personality, especially strong will and a feeling of pride which caused ups and downs in his life.

The play is divided into two acts. The first one reveals his contribution for American independence and his role as an irreplaceable helper for George Washington. The second act is concentrated on personal life: family and relationships.

Musical appealed to millions as it was an unprecedented show not known before. Could one imagine a hip-hop play about historical past mingled with rapping about the Founders of the USA and the Revolutionary War?

It must be the way how to make students not dread history as a school subject. Lin-Manuel Miranda together with his team shed a light on a great personality to whom we thank for creating such a great country! Buy Hamilton tickets and see LIVE one of the best shows today!

  • testimonial“ After all the hype and waiting so long to see the show I was expecting to be disappointed or at the very least let down. Not only was I entertained, but I learned so much! This show took my breath away. The dialogue put to music was spectacular and the choreography was superb. So much dedication, heart and soul from the actors. Wonderful evening at the theatre…..” - Shirley
  • testimonial“ I had VERY high expectations going in and I was NOT disappointed! The cast is incredible and the concept is so fresh. Made history come alive!…” - Mike Martin

Common Questions

What are the locations and dates of a National Tour?

The first destination point is San Francisco (March, 2017 at the SHN Orpheum Theatre). The next stop is Los Angeles (August 11 – December 30, 2017 at Hollywood Pantages Theatre).

What’s the duration of the show?

It lasts for 2 hours 45 minutes, 15 minutes of break between the first and second parts.

Are there any age limits?

The recommended age is 10+ because of the lexicon used for the show. 4 year-old kids and younger ones are not allowed.

When will the Musical appear in Chicago?

The performance starts on September 27, 2016 at the PrivateBank Theatre.

How much are Hamilton tickets?

The prices vary, you can choose the most suitable ticket price basing on the amount of money you have. Currently, tickets Hamilton start from $139 (face value). It can be much higher on the second market due to a very high demand.

What is the difference between usual and premium tickets?

Premium tickets (VIP) correlate with the best seats. They should be bought in advance just like the usual ones.

How can I buy tickets online?

Use our system with down-to-earth price and you are 100% guaranteed to get the seat you have paid for.

How to get tickets for Hamilton?

You can get them in 8 ways: through the box offices;  online purchase – Tickemaster, Stubhub or via hamiltontickets.org; win a lottery; stand in the cancellation line; make and AIDS donation; try the TDF raffle; track the next block of tickets to buy in advance; wait for it to come to a city near you.

How does the lottery work?

At each show there is a digital lottery that bring a chance to win 46 seats in the first and second rows (in Chicago – 44). In a case of win – those seats cost just $10.