The Two Proudest Latinos Recall Their Past

Lil Manuel Miranda

Miranda started to express his cultural pride since his school time. New York is a salad bowl where lots of nationalities get mixed together. Some of them neglect their descent, others are proud of it.  The Mirandas were both so proud of being Latinos.

Miranda’s dad, Luis, came from Puerto-Rico and worked as a taxi driver for a start. Later on, he spent many years in government. At present, he is a political consultant.

His son has succeeded either despite being “an outsider” as he called himself. According to Lin-Manuel Miranda, there are two ways for a guy from a minority culture to introduce himself. “You either blend in or you grab that flag and you wave it as hard as you can”. And he grabbed the flag of Puerto-Rico to acquaint his classmate with his culture.

A bit later, Miranda realized how cool it is to be a representative of Latinos. He had much more to tell at classes than other children. “I bring something to the table that my peers don’t. I bring dope Latin music, and I bring dope food. And I live in a part of town where it’s really different from the rest of New York, and it’s actually really exciting”.

“West Side Story” was the biggest chance to show Puerto-Rican legacy to his peers. His high school musical was the first successful project directed by him.

One more holiday celebrated on January, 6 also made kids of other cultures envious. It was sort of an “extra” Christmas. When Luis Miranda was asked “why the three kings didn’t come to me in January?”, he usually joked with them saying “unfortunately, you are not one of the chosen ones”.

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