Donald Trump Says: The Cast of Hamilton Owes an Apology to Pence


Mike Pence (the USA vice-president elect) visited the musical Hamilton in New York. While entering the hall he got unwelcome reception from the audience.

The video taken from the cameras showed that few people cheered Mr. Pence though the majority was not glad to see him. The spectators were booing him manifesting their protest in such a way. One of the Hamilton members announced that they were receiving a special guest Mike Pence. The cast prepared a message and they asked for a moment to hear them out.

The actors were delivering a speech on behalf of the diverse America. The message concerned people’s apprehension of being unprotected. The spectators welcomed the speech with applause and approving sounds. The cast hope that their show will inspire a new administration to keep to American values gained by the sweat of the brow of American citizens.

The reaction to it was quick. Donald Trump said in one of social networks that our wonderful Vice President-to-be Mike Pence was harassed by the cast of Hamilton. In addition to it, Mr. Trump asked for an apology for such a rude behavior.

At first people thought that Mike Pence had gone out during the interval. However, it was said that he decided to watch the show till the end. He occupied his seat after the lights went down. He might have done so as not to make people boo again.

The cast of Hamilton keeps campaigning for diversity of the USA. Now, they had a chance to express their point of view to the new authorities, to people who will be looking after the diverse American society.

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    March 4, 2017 (10:32 am)

    Trump is Trump…. no comment :p

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    March 10, 2017 (5:31 pm)

    Because here is a list of multiplayer games is that the leave was asked

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