The Trace of “Hamilton” in Chicago Zoo

Hamilton Camel in Chicago

The musical seems to be omnipresent wherever you go. That is why you should not be surprised at encountering traces of the show even in zoo.

A new habitant was born at Chicago Lincoln Park Zoo, it is a cute baby camel. As we know, camels are ungulate animals and there is even The International Ungulate Day dedicated to them. It celebrates diversity among hoofed animals. There is definitely an allusion to “Hamilton”!

Dazzling popularity of the musical prompted one of caregivers to call him Alexander Camelton. He is a real phenomenon there as Camelton is the first baby camel that was born at Lincoln Park Zoo since 1998.

The Bactrian camel is on the brink of extinction. The birth among endangered species is a miracle inside enclosure. Alexander Camelton has been set great hopes for. The star is expected to attract more visitors of the zoo daily.

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