“Hamilton” Performed by Canadian Students Gets Blocked on YouTube


Young guys from Wexford Collegiate School of the Arts (Toronto, Canada) wanted to pay tribute to the revolutionary musical Hamilton. The story about an overlooked Founding Father has won over Canadian hearts as well.

Their passion to perform was great and each rehearsal was accompanied with love. It must have been the reason to try to bring “Hamilton” to Canada. To be more precise, love at the first sight: one of Wexford’s students told that the musical enthralled them instantly once they heard it.

The students said that the idea “Hamilton” represented inspired them greatly and they ventured to perform the play. Actually, it was not the musical from the beginning till the end. The guys decided to select a couple of the brightest songs and make a little presentation in the name of respect to the creators.

After their opening night, three videos were posted on YouTube. Thousands of viewers welcomed their attempt to get closer to the record-setting hit. However, the videos got blocked due to copyright concerns. The feeling of anger flooded the students since other plays of “Hamilton” performed by different high schools had not been banned.

The director of the mini-play (the teacher of the students) expressed his hopes about getting the rights to fully perform the musical “Hamilton” in the future. Despite being blocked, the students stay upbeat saying “thanks” to the creators: “Because of what they have done for us and what this show has done for the world. It is revolutionary.”

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