New Soundtrack for Queen Elizabeth II by Lin Manuel Miranda

Lin Manuel Miranda looks set to produce the official soundtrack for the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth

The music creator who has a Latin background worked with the famed Andrew Lloyd Webber to compose a show to be shown on 15th May.

lin manuel miranda

Certainly, Lin Manuel Miranda is among the most popular Latin artists within the last ten years. The composer, actor, director, and musician had first become popular because of the show, Hamilton musical (a show on Broadway that follows the story of its main character, Andrew Hamilton, the United States’ first secretary of the treasury). You can find tickets to the nearest tour dates at Miranda is also the brain responsible for titles such as In the Heights, as well as the music composition behind Enchantment and Moana.

Based on a report by the Mirror, a British publication, Miranda is working on a secret project that is meant to commemorate England’s Queen Elizabeth II for 70 years of queenship. Miranda, has been signed on to create a musical work partnering with Andrew Lloyd Webber (the brain behind The Phantom of the Opera and Cats).

The show will be aired on May 15 as the main event at the Windsor Royal Horse Parade. There is no further known information concerning the project, but reliable sources have confirmed that the show” will be a suitable commemoration of 70 years of the queenship of Queen Elizabeth II. The event is meant to highlight “the amazing and textured diverse culture of the Commonwealth and Britain since the Queen loved them.”

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