“One Last Time” Show to the 44th President Touches Hearts

These were not just last days in the White House, it was something “Hamilton” cast had been preparing for. Barack Obama has left us a great heritage and we are going to thank him for it. “Hamilton” is here to present a token of their esteem for 8 years’ service of making the USA stronger, wealthier, safer and happier.

If you watched Obama’s farewell address and it made you cry – you might drop a tear one last time. With no exaggerations, the “Hamilton” team rose to stardom as their spectators were Mr. President, the First Lady, Vice President Joe Biden and many other people from the White House. Lin-Manuel Miranda together with his crew were singing and rapping an inspiring and moving song “One Last Time”.

The song is about G. Washington’s decision to resign. It runs that everyone should learn to say good bye:


“If I say goodbye, the nation learns to move on

It outlives me when I’m gone

Like the scripture says:

“Everyone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree

And no one shall make them afraid.”

They’ll be safe in the nation we’ve made

I wanna sit under my own vine and fig tree

A moment alone in the shade

At home in this nation we’ve made.”

Their revolutionary style keeps gaining more and more admirers all over the world. Barack Obama must be one of them as he applauded in appreciation and stood up to say personal thank you and give the guys a pat on their backs.

He said that it was rare where a piece of art can remind us about what’s best in ourselves and that was what these guys had done, that was a great gift.

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    February 1, 2017 (7:32 am)

    The guys made me cry as well (((((

    I will miss you Mr.President!!!!)))))))))

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