The Omnipresent Lin-Manuel Miranda is the Holder of AP Entertainer

It seems that Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hobby is collecting awards. He has won a bunch of Tony Awards and a Pulitzer Prize within one year. Moreover, he is the holder of the Edward M. Kennedy Prize for Drama Inspired by American History. The list of his accolades can be continued further: a best album of “Hamilton” covers, an inspired best-selling book.

Apart from it, he was a Golden Globe nominee. Miranda also composed music for a chart-topping movie and wrote a song in “The Force Awakens”. It would seem it is quite enough, but not for Lin-Manuel Miranda. One more award has obscured even Adele, Beyoncé and Dwayne as he has hold a title of The Associated Press Entertainer of the Year.

This what Miranda said after realizing AP Entertainer belongs to him: “I continue to try to work on the things I’ve always wanted to work on and try to say YES to the opportunities that I’d kick myself forever if I didn’t jump at them.”

Everybody knows that Saturday Night Live show makes famous people extremely famous. Miranda was invited to the show in October and ironically mentioned: “Most of you watching at home have no idea who I am.” He implied having a theater composer as a host was a rare case at SNL. However, Miranda’s popularity made national headlines during the last year. It has already short to stardom but it keeps going higher and higher.

The word “omnipresent” suits him as all cultural branches of human life was seized by Miranda. Either it is politics or stage, music or TV he is there. For many it would seem as if he was running of time. A lot of great things have been done during a short period of time.

In addition to cultural activities, Miranda was engaged in sociopolitical issues:

  • he asked Congress to help Puerto Rico with their debt crisis;
  • he obtained an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania;
  • he performed on Broadway at fundraiser for Hillary Clinton;
  • he lobbied to cease gun violence;
  • he sang in a duet together with J. Lopez with a single “Love Make the World Go Round”;
  • he visited the White House to perform the song “One Last Time” to Barack Obama.

Whatever Miranda does it becomes an unforgettable event. Everyone remembers his Tony’s acceptance speech where all people got emotional listening to his Love is love is love is love is love… It was a touching moment when he honored people killed in a mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub.

In 2017 Miranda phenomenon is continued: “Mary Poppins Returns” and a trilogy “The Kingkiller Chronicle” cannot do without Lin-Manuel. Quoting his own words: “I’m back in a planting mode after a harvest”.

He has truly deserved The Associated Press Entertainer of the Year. Once Julio D. Diaz (the Pensacola News Journal) said to Miranda “make the whole world sing, dance and think. Miranda is not a kind of person who becomes famous and only enjoys the fame. He acts in an omnipresent way.

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