Hamilton Attracts a Crowd of Fans on a Night of Celebration

Matt and Kristin Collins are a couple who had come from Annapolis, MD to see the show, were among the long line of people queued up expecting to catch the show “Hamilton” as it reopens at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. The couple had two additional Hamilton New York tickets with them, looking to gift to anybody that needed them.

Hamilton Broadway

Several feet away, Addie Trivers and Chris Graham, two students at the musical theatre, both stood by enjoying all the excitement of the night; they both wished that they could afford to buy the show’s tickets.

Just then, Collins had moved towards both college juniors. He asked them if they would like to catch the show tonight. For certain, their answer was yes.

“Either he was trying to kidnap us or he was being truthful,” Trivers said, as he is known for moving from one theatre to the next to find cheap tickets before the Covid-29 pandemic, “and whatever way it is, I am sure with him.”

The two tickets went to two of the people who needed the most on the big night of the show’s reopening.

As soon as the show began, Hamilton’s creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, appeared on stage amidst a thunderous combination of class and cheers. “I am trying never to ever take for granted live theatre ever again. Hope you all feel the same way?” he had said. “You have the right to mouth along as much as you want and nobody would detect it.”

Hamilton, the musical hit that first premiered on Broadway back in 2015, was the highest-grossing programme in the industry before the Covid-19 crisis hit the World. On the week that Broadway got shut down, the show had been able to make about $2.7 million, which was more than other shows made. 

That same week, nearly 11,000 enthusiastic concert-goers bought the in-demand tickets – just then, the show’s production, and other parts of the live theatre industry, got forced to close down production all of a sudden.

Hamilton, the musical, took home the Pulitzer prize and 11 various Tony Awards. The hit show even went on to gain more viewers amid the pandemic. In the second half of 2020, Disney+ began to stream a film that features the musical and had Miranda as the title character. It’s launching once again sparked interest in the show and brought back arguments about some public issues it had brought up, including its take on slavery.

Based on the energy shown by Tuesday night’s crowd, the fever behind “Hamilton” looks to continue from its pre-pandemic levels. As if to add more energy to the already electric atmosphere of the night, Al Roker – a popular TV personality, pumped the crowd as he stood on the sidewalk, screaming, “Are you prepared?”

:We caught a close of Al Broker as he walked on and that seemed like the night’s climax,” Graham explained. The only disadvantage of getting unexpected tickets to catch “Hamilton”: There was this nervousness that with his shorts and T-shirts, he wasn’t properly dressed.

However, a reasonable distance down the line of eager show fans queuing up for the night, 20-year-old Lauren Miranda was anything but underdressed. She had on her shimmering gown that elegantly hugged her body and continued straight down towards the floor. She had won this elegant dress on the night of her senior prom. When the tickets for the Hamilton show became available to be bought, she and Maura Consedine, her best friend, got their tickets by buying through six different devices to ensure that they could get two tickets.

“This is a huge occasion for the city of New York,” said Consedine. “The city have truly being awakened by this show.”

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