The New King George in Hamilton Cast

king george

Taran Killam is famous for his performing in Saturday Night Show as Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Paul Rayan etc. SNL’s acting is over for now. At present Mr. Killam is rehearsing for the “Hamilton” show. His character is a thin-skinned British governor King George. On Broadway the prototype is loved by everyone.

It is an arrogant British monarch who will sing a couple of catching tunes in order to discourage Americans from their revolutionary mood. It is a great chance for Taran to join the “Hamilton” cast and stay there much longer than previous “kings Georges” did. Brian d’Arcy James, Andrew Rannells, Jonathan Groff and up to now Rory O’Malley have played him.

Mr. Taran closely cooperate with Lin-Manuel Miranda and Thomas Kail. Once he said: “I don’t want to let my friends down, more than anything”. His opening night will take place on January 17. It is the great play he dedicates himself to in order to live up to expectations of the actors and spectators.

Taran says that this role is suitable for him. And not only for his complexion (autocratically white type of skin). He used to play Jebidiah Atkinson (a newspaper critic in 1860s) at SNL and this character is in somewhat similar with King George.

In fact, nothing would be hard to play for Killam as he is able to perform in many ways. For instance, his talent for a comic actor was spotted accidently. “MadTV” discovered that he could do 23 different appearances. It helped him act different characters at SNL. Taran’s mimic is a great gift for an actor. He doesn’t regret not being filmed at Saturday Night Show due to intense timetable and constant pressure to be better than yesterday. Now, Taran is going to grab luck by its tail one more time!

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    February 6, 2017 (6:49 pm)

    Yeah, he is a talented pal. I wanna see him performing as the King George. He might be the best among all previous kings Georges…####

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