How Much Lin-Manuel Miranda Earns?

Lil Manuel Miranda

The idea Miranda came up with turned into a multi-million-dollar gigantic project. It seems like “Hamilton” conquered nearly the half of the world. And it keeps making profit every musical would be jealous of. If the show earns a lot, it means that Mr. Miranda as its creator gets a pretty penny either.

So, according to the New York Times, this year will bring for Lin-Manuel more than $6 million of cash. Even after his departure from the play he didn’t lose much. As long as the musical runs, Miranda will get royalties as well as profits from each staged performance. Multiple productions and the tour across the USA (click here for more info) bring income for him as well.

In fact, the main source of profit for creatives is royalties. As the Hollywood Reporter says Miranda’s 7% cut implies $150, 000 every week. The bit of three producers is a 3% cut ($15, 000 per week). Thomas Kail (the director) and Andy Blankenbuehler (the choreographer) have 2% and 1,5% respectively.

According to a union-mandated minimum, actors get approximately $1, 900 a week. However, taking into account the level of Hamilton’s popularity, the actors of “Hamilton” should be paid much more.

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