Miranda’s Mom Reveals His Secrets

Lil-Manuel Miranda

Not only Lin-Manuel Miranda got fame, recognition and popularity but his parents to some extent as well. They are frequently interviewed whenever journalists spot them.

Cheeky reporters asked Luz Towns-Miranda (Lin’s mom) for a few words concerning his passion for acting and music. The interview took place at the Richard Rogers Theatre in New York on the occasion of Miranda’s leaving.

She said that she was the happiest mom ever. It is an amazing feeling to realize that dreams of your kid has come true. Moreover, the reality turned out to be even better than he could possible imagine. Since childhood little Lin demonstrated his love to music. He liked being listened and watched.

Mrs. Luz remembered how much he enjoyed playing with a video camera. He was fond of imitating recordings and songs. According to her words, it seemed like it was running through his veins since the birth.

His parents should be paid tribute as they always encouraged Lin’s hobbies and even took part in them. When he was praised and motivated he wanted to impress his relatives more!

Luz-Towns Miranda recalls a moment which ushered in his theatre-connected future. Once they visited a Christmas concert and he was like one unit with music and all the acting happening on the stage. His magnetism and charisma were undeniable. He was only 10 but he made that clear what future he wanted to get.

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