Miranda Hangs up his Breeches and Waistcoat: He Leaves the Cast of Hamilton


The rumors about Miranda’s leaving are true. He officially confirmed his departure from a famous crew called the cast of Hamilton. Panic seized Miranda’s fans. Many would say the musical “Hamilton” will not be as good as it was with his acting. He is a Founding Father of the play and the rest of the actors can’t do without him.

The day of his final performance is said to be on July 9. Miranda is leaving the team before the Tony Awards show. He is more than a welcome guest there as a bunch of nominations awaits him. Apart from Miranda’s accolades-to-be for the leading actor, book and score, the musical itself has been nominated for a setting-record 16 awards!

Lin-Manuel Miranda has been with the play “Hamilton” since January 2015 (his off-Broadway opening at the Public Theater). Since that time, he has become an integral part of the diverse theatrical family. His name is a trademark of “Hamilton”. However, he has made a decision to leave. The reason for it lies in having a wide range of opportunities.

He is 37, so to say, in the prime of life. Remember him saying: “I continue to try to work on the things I’ve always wanted to work on and try to say YES to the opportunities that I’d kick myself forever if I didn’t jump at them.” In this particular case, he is not chasing the opportunities, they are pursuing him.

They say, Miranda is working on a new musical. In addition to it, he is actively collaborating with directors of forthcoming “Mary Poppins”. That were the projects known to the public. It means that Lin-Manuel Miranda might be concealing striking news.

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