The Medicines Against Hamilaria Have Been Invented

Did Hamilton songs get stuck in your head? No doubt, you have already watched the musical for a couple of times. And you probably listened to the recordings for God knows how many times.

Is it true? If yes, you are likely to be sick with hamilaria. The symptoms of the illness are easy to notice. Read a story of a young patient to be aware of them.

“I was waiting for a bus when a granny asked me: “What time is it?” And to my great surprise, I sang the line from “Aaron Burr”.

Later on when I went to church, I interrupted a priest once he said“like the scripture says” I started singing:“Everyone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree, and no one shall make them afraid”.

Luckily, the Weehawken Institute helped me cope with that. Take a smile here!

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