Javier Munoz Assumes the Throne of Lin-Manuel Miranda


Miranda is a king of Musical with no exaggerations. He is its creator and a setting-record holder of various nominations gained within one year! It is he who made “Hamilton” a trademark of aroused interest to American history.

Miranda pioneered the mainstream of diverse America where there is no place for violence. People of different nationalities have made the USA how it looks now. That is why no one has a right to forget it. Miranda’s merits are great since he prompted the nation to cherish their history and respect the founders of big and friendly America.

However, Lin-Manuel Miranda has recently left the cast and got down to working on another project. The members of Hamilton family were worried about a substitution which had to be done on Miranda’s leaving. It will not be easy to replace him as the bar has been set really high. Actually, Miranda would not allow to take on a role a guy he wasn’t confident it.

The thing is a new “Miranda” in the musical is going to be his understudy Javier Munoz. He played the role of Alexander Hamilton on a very important occasion (the night Barack Obama watched the performance with his family).

Moreover, it is not his first experience in replacing Miranda as he previously substituted him in the musical “In the Heights”. He had a great success and critical acclaims. Now, he is assuming the role which might turn him into another omnipresent Miranda.

It seemed that Javier Munoz firmly grabbed the tail of luck to get the most out of Hamilton acting. No doubt, he is familiar with the slightest peculiarities of Hamilton role since he has been Miranda’s understudy from the very beginning. Mr. Munoz will do his best as not to let down his famous mentor.

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