Hartford’s Bushnell Looks Ready To Get A Replay Of Hamilton: Part1

In the epic scene when Alexander got shot with his son on stage in Hamilton, the musical, Marcus Cho, (the actor who played George Washington) could see a lot of the audience drying the tears in their eyes.

Both actors that starred in the role of the Hamiltons will be returning to the show.

Choi prepares to visit Hartford alongside the show’s cast members for the performances at The Bushnell (the William H. Mortensen Hall). The show runs from June 22 through July 10. Choi had acknowledged the difficulty of the times for him: A Texas mass shooting saw 21 people (including 2 adults and 19 kids) and before that, there was another mass shooting in a grocery store in Buffalo, New York. In this December shopping mall killing spree, 10 Black-Americans had been killed.

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Hartford's Bushnell Looks Ready To Get A Replay Of Hamilton

Choi voiced his frustrations that, sadly, the shootings keep happening. However, he hopes that the people watching the show will be able to heal themselves somehow.

Hamilton, the musical has a rich discography of music that features a skilful blend of R&B, jazz, hip-hop, and Broadway that narrates the story of the founding father of America, Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton was a delegate from New York to 1787’s Constitutional Convention. He was a major Federalist paper author and the United States’ first secretary of the treasury from 1789 to 1795. Hamilton was a prime influence on a major strong centralized government of the new America.

Hamilton got killed while he and Aaron Burr were involved in a duel.

Choi continued that he wishes that people get sort of redeemed by the show; despite getting shot, his wife, Eliza keeps on the act of doing well, to promote the importance of human rights. For Choi, the deeper redeeming factor of the story is that in the entertainment industry, black people can tell the story more appropriately and creatively.

A Korean American, Choi said people of colour are a significant part of the show’s cast. He went on to say that diversity is important, especially within communities where it is rare. He went on to say that the younger audiences should be able to see that they are being represented on stage. He also spoke about how, watching the performance, “Miss Saigon” actually made him realize that he has a place in the entertainment world.

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