Hamilton Welcomes One More Member of its Team

Hamilton new member

The holder of a Tony Award James Monroe Iglehart is going to join “Hamilton” crew in April, said Jeffrey Seller (the play’s producer). Admirers all over the world look forward to the dual between Thomas Jefferson and Marquis de Lafayette.

As Jefferson/Lafayette he will be executing a role which is packed with a high-speed rap. This part used to play Daveed Digs, a holder of a Tony Award as well. However, he left the team in July. Since that time, Seth Stewart has been playing the role.

It won’t be hard for Iglehart to adapt to the cast as he is a former member of “Hamilton”. He sung the role of Hercules Mulligan in the play called “The Hamilton Mixtape” (it took place at a Lincoln Center concert, 2012).

Besides, he performed in the show Freestyle Love Supreme together with Lin-Manuel Miranda and Christopher Jackson. He said that it was a great fun and he had been listening to it for a long time.

Mr. James Iglehart mentioned that he dedicated three years to his role in Aladdin and he thought the opportunity of coming back to “Hamilton” was unbelievable to happen to him again. Luckily, it did happen.

His role is not easy to perform as his part contains tongue-twisted lyrics at a maximum speed. However, it is not a challenge for Mr. Iglehart because his experience in “Aladdin” (the song “Friend Like Me”) taught him how to make his speech clear and understandable no matter how fast he needs to speak.

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