“Hamilton” as a Means of Musical Instruction


The more inventive and inspired a teacher is the more educated students he’s got. It concerns Timothy A. Johnson who teaches music theory at Ithaca College. Any lesson should be lively. Moreover, it should be based on events which are connected with a day-to-day reality.

You will have more motivated students if your lessons are mingled with something young people are interested in. Mr. Johnson has spent more than a month analyzing Hamilton Musical back and forth. He is teaching a course called Music Liberal Arts and Outside Fields. Actually, “Hamilton” is a perfect example of interconnection between music, history and politics.

Timothy A. Johnson is using the method of case study in order to talk about music broader. Few students were so enthusiastic about discussing “Hamilton as they had seen the play before. They needed to rack their brains to answer related questions not only about music.

For instance, “What does the opening line mean in terms of historical context?” or “Is it conspicuous that Lin-Manuel Miranda understands the interdependent connection between music, history and politics? What examples can you provide?” These are the questions for in-class discussion or the students can prepare a presentation or a paper on the topics.

All is up to them. The main thing is to catalyze them. It results in lively discussions which are impossible to stop. Students discover more fields of study in the musical “Hamilton”. Their examples are stunning and hard to be argued with.

But why “Hamilton” is loved by everyone? What it so cool about it?

Many parts form “Hamilton” unite. Each part is unique. A bit of interesting content, a bit of fantastic music, a bit of diverse and talented cast and a bit of desire to create something worth watching. It must be the secret of this musical. Each “a bit” has formed the nation. Nowadays, it consists of multicultural and international people who remember their history including the Founding Fathers epoch.

Personally, Timothy Johnson gives a special honor to a vast range of hip-hop styles. One style within the whole performance would be really boring. Some songs are truly hip-hop though some aren’t. Nevertheless, those songs which had a little borrowing from hip-hop made “Hamilton” sound musically delicious.

Johnson’s students must have learnt really a lot. Not only did they find out more about music. They shed a light on interconnected branches of science which are in the musical”. Many colleagues of Mr. Johnson are implementing the same method of studying. They want to pique the interest in studies students feel unmotivated about.

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