Why The Hamilton Exhibition Didn’t Live up to Expectations

Producers are sadly putting an end to the exhibit to the surprise of fans. The reason for the early closure is to save space and avoid congestion during North Coast Music Festival and a Bears Game. But, this is something the producers should have anticipated. In all honesty, this “Hamilton Exhibition” was slated to fail right from the start. From all indications choosing the Northerly Island, Chicago was a terrible idea to start with.

Some three months after the exhibition opened after much delay, Hamilton: The Exhibition producers announced an early closing. The announcement was given by Jeffrey Seller.

Why The Hamilton Exhibition Didn't Live up to Expectations

The exhibition was advertised to end initially on September 8; however, it’s new date will be August 25, roughly two weeks before the original date. Although the tickets sold for the final two weeks have been refunded, fans were left surprised by the incident. There is more bad news for the exhibition. Seller mentioned that any plans for the exhibition to tour other cities had been put on hold.

The reasons cited for the early cancellation was the anticipated traffic congestion and difficulty in movement that the exhibition will cause. The exhibition which will be at the middle of Northerly Island will be sandwiched between the Bears preseason game on August 29, and North Coast Music Festival on August 30, and 31.

But the producers knew about all of these even before they announced their dates. The North Coast Festival was announced in April; the Bears match has been known for some time now.

Lots of blame can be passed around to different sections, but the bulk of it will reside on the Northerly Island location. The signs were there for all to see. From the complicated access routes to the difficulty in using public transportation to get to the final destination, moving and out of Northerly Island is a challenging endeavor.

Even despite that, fans wouldn’t have minded the challenges, after all, it was Hamilton: The Exhibition. But the creators never really stated a case for themselves, and thus it suffered an identity crisis right from the start.

Hamilton: The Exhibition was a reflection of the life of Alexander Hamilton as told by Lin Manuel Miranda’s musical, rather than the biography from Ron Chernow that inspired the music.

With audio guidance narrated by Miranda along with Phillipa Soo and Chris Jackson, visitors are taken through 18 galleries containing iconic set pieces created by David Korins. The exhibition shows excellent moments of the musical which fans will be happy about. The Hamilton headset takes note of your location within the exhibition and plays the corresponding track immediately. But one area the exhibition goes below expectation is it comes out a bit generic and manufactured. For all what “Hamilton: The Exhibition” was supposed to be, it isn’t.

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