Hamilton Director Uses Influence To Affect Change In Society and Pop Culture

When Fox announced it was canceling the cult-hit show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 38-year-old Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted in all caps that there were only four things he watched, and the show was one of them.

Shortly thereafter, NBC picked up the sitcom for a sixth season.

Lil Manuel Miranda

It appears when Miranda speaks (types), people tend to listen.

That’s not all that surprising. After all, he’s a huge player in the musical hit Hamilton, which is a rendition of the American founding father, Alexander Hamilton. It’s been three years since it first debut on Broadway, and it’s still going strong. And for 14 weeks, started June 12, the musical is invading Washington D.C.

Miranda, who has done nearly 1,200 performances, is not toying with the idea of a political career. Devastating news, to be honest. He’d be great at it – devoted family man, photogenic, large fan base, etc.

On top of that, he has already used his fame to promote the various causes he feels strongly about:

  • Puerto Rico-hurricane relief
  • March For Our Lives (anti-gun protest)

It would be easy to assume that he had some political ideas. However, Miranda feels he’s just a private citizen using a big megaphone to spread the word.

It’s not uncommon for TV, movie and music stars to use their fame and success to inspire a public action. For example, Oprah Winfrey uses her stardom to bring awareness about the need for education for African schoolgirls. British rock star Sting uses his fame to highlight the issues with the rainforest.

The list could go on and on!

Of course, no one had yet to spark an international following with Broadway until Miranda did it with Hamilton’s 1,500 theatergoers every night. Today, he has roughly 2.4 million Twitter followers. When Hurricane Maria interrupted the key service in Puerto Ricco, he had tweeted a person’s appeal about their mother’s need for dialysis. A machine was provided to that mother.

When Hamilton was first introduced, Miranda suspected he had some influence when a reporter kept asking him about political aspirations. Miranda had asked the reporter why they were concerned, and the answer was that the shower was affecting how people think about politics and his own perception of it.

Hamilton, when in Washington, D.C., is likely to think back about his 2009 encounter with former U.S. President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama. He was invited to a poetry slam in the White House. Here, he released a snippet of the musical, performing the song that became Hamilton’s prologue.

Michelle Obama said Miranda announced he would do a musical number. She said she and president that he was kidding, but he did it. She said Miranda blew them away. Michelle said after he was done, they congratulated him. This was when Michelle said Miranda would do a Hamilton musical.

She said one rap was something totally different than a whole musical. However, the Obamas wished him luck and didn’t think much would come from it.

Miranda has already wrapped up his Mary Poppins sequel scenes for Disney – Mary Poppins Returns. Miranda plays Jack, the London lamplighter. For his part, Miranda is concentrating on writing for movies before focusing on another musical.

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