“The Eliza Project” by Philippa Soo

Phillipa Soo

Philippa Soo is now an off-stage Elizabeth Hamilton. She is determined to help children in New York. Quoting her: “A part of my journey in portraying Eliza was to do as much research as I could”.

There is a long list of what Mrs. Hamilton had done during her life. However, an orphanage she co- established must be the brightest charitable deed.

Lin-Manuel Miranda told her that the orphanage in New York still exists today. It is called Graham Windham. It deals with problematic families in the community.

“After visiting the campus and meeting the kids I kind of had an idea to work with them as teaching artists and live Eliza’s legacy in this theater”. - This what Philippa said on the matter

Kids really get inspired when they are taught all the theatrical things. It is a creative way for expressing themselves. Lots of kids have inner limits. Some of them are too shy. Others are aggressive and can’t control their feelings.

Singing and rapping help them forget about their weak points. It encourages them to be a unique personality. Another activity they liked is letter-writing. The main requirement, they should be hand-written. At present, it is a dying art the kids will try to revive. The pen-pal program “Share Your Letters” is expected to be launched soon.

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