What Might Be Common Between Colorado Rockies and Hamilton?

Award-winning Hamilton musical comes to Denver, so all the interested are compulsively buying up the tickets. On Monday morning you could observe a huge line near the ticket selling office as early as at 10 A. M. when the tickets went on sale. The same thing has happened to the online services and phone lines: they were literally flooded with calls and requests. This is a real war for seats.

Hamilton and Colorado Rockies

It got so bad, that it became hard to get the tickets on your own. Some people have retrieved the items only thanks to combined efforts with their friends and relatives. This seems to be a true luck to get a seat even for a late March performance. It is hoped that it was worth it in this situation and the musical will meet the expectations.

Such high demand suggests that not only Seattle Hamilton tickets are been selling like hotcakes. For instance, the 2018 Colorado Rockies might have something in common with the musical. It may sound strange, but we can provide some similarities between these two.

One of the existing descriptions of the Hamilton plot is “Hamilton is about the Founding Father who decided to leave a hungry and ambitious trail on the new nation, just like he is.” Even though the other resources may describe the musical in another way, this definition was published on Broadway.com that makes a real sense and raises the question.

We can change the wording and say “The 2018 Colorado Rockies are about the Founding Father who decided to leave a hungry and ambitious trail on the Rockies team just like he is.” That might be a good place to start.

Such a description allow us casting several players from the team into the lead role. Especially it has become particularly relevant after their winning in Wild Card game last season, while some members of the team have noted that they will become even hungrier in 2018.

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