Hamilton’s Casting Calls Fans to Vote in Midterms

The performers responsible for bringing the famous Broadway Musical “Hamilton” to life have impressed their enthusiasts and viewers to vote on Tuesday in a video tweeted by Hamilton’s assistant stage manager, Deanna Weiner, a new song titled ‘The Election of 1800’.

Actors Daniel Breaker, Wallace Smith and Eddy Lee, and music director Kurt Crowley appear in the video after adjusting one of the songs in the show. They sing: “The greetings society will not be satisfied before we increase cooperation with the action plan.”

Taking into account the low participation rate in the last half-yearly elections (37%), they sing: “It would be good if democracy should be put back” in the Washington footnotes on your side.

The song points out some reasons why people did not vote, among them: “I do not like to vote, I live in New York, and my voice is not heard, and so on. Others included the fact that it’s a Tuesday,’ I got my voice, but I lost my job’ and that they do not watch the news anyway, although ashamed of their ignorance. The song urges these individuals on that no matter where they live or where they’re from, their vote is their voice and can be an agent of change.

As Breaker, who plays Aaron Burr, says: “text less, vote more. Show everyone what you’re against or what you’re for.”

The award winning creator and star of “Hamilton” Lin-Manuel Miranda is a political activist. He repeatedly criticized President Trump, especially because of his handling of hurricane improvement in Puerto Rico.

Hamilton’s Casting Calls Fans to Vote in Midterms

The cast of “Hamilton” at the Tony Awards at the Beacon Theatre on Sunday, June 12, 2016, in New York.

The team has a political tradition and in 2016, Vice President Mike Pence, who participated in the program, stated: “We hope this program will inspire you to support our American values ​​and work for everyone.”

“Smaller voice, more voice, show everyone what that means or what it means, Hamilton will not be happy before we raise the speech tone with the action plan,” they sing.

“To the north it’s not just a problem where indifference prevails, there is a lot of confusion about the country, a problem we are afraid of,” he says, because he leads to low participation and proposes special complaints.

“There are long lines and weather, and the citizens simply forget.”

“People see your voice as ineffective. We have to change our mind, or democracy is a failure.”

Another more detailed line: “It would be good, it would be normal for democracy to go back on track.”

Trump repeated his request for “Hamilton” to apologize to Mike Pines.

The program won 11 Tony Awards in 2016 and won the Grammy and Pulitzer Prize that year.

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