The Cast of “Hamilton” Broadway show: Miguel Cervantes retains his role as the show return to theatres

The cast of the Broadway show – Hamilton will see Miguel Cervantes take on the title role as the hit show returns to the stage with a September 14 performance to be held at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York.

Star actor Cervantes had only recently begun playing the title role before the production (with the entire industry) got shut down early last year by the coronavirus. He had previously played the role of Hamilton when the show visited Chicago.

The Casting for the show includes Cervantes, as was announced by Jeffrey Seller, the producer. Additionally, apart from Cervantes in the leading role, other cast members include Krystal Joy playing Eliza Hamilton; Tamar Greene plays George Washington; Mandy Gonzalez plays Angelica Schuyler; Jin Ha plays Aaron Burr; Euan Morton plays King George iii; James Monroe Iglehart in a dual role of Thomas Jefferson/Marquis de Lafayette; Fergie L. Phillipe also in a dual role of James Madison/Hercules Mulligan; Aubin Wise playing Maria Reynolds/Peggy Schuyler, while Daniel Yearwood plays the dual roles of Philip Hamilton/John Laurens.

This new report will finally debunk long-running claims among fans that Lin-Manuel Miranda (an original star and creator on the show) will be temporarily cast for the lead role when the show gets back to Broadway. This rumor from the internet was instigated by the latest video and photos of the star with a similar hairdo vs. the one he used during his set on the show.

Apart from the main cast of the show, other supporting roles have been announced and is set to include Giuseppe Bausilio, Amber Ardolino, Lauren Boyd, Erin Elizabeth Clemons, Amanda Braun, Alexander Ferguson, Marc Delacruz, Jennifer Geller, Shonica Gooden, Christina Glur, Deon’te Goodman, Jennie Harney-Fleming, David Guzman, Thayne Jasperson, Malik Shabazz Kitchen, Roddy Kennedy, Eddy Lee, Justice Moore, Johanna Moise, Preston Mui, Willie Smith III, Antuan Magic Ramone, Gabriella Sorrentino, Robert Walters, Ta-Tynisa Wilson, and Gregory Treco.

Additionally, there will be an Aug. 12 reopening of the Hamilton merch store in New York City, which is a merch store located opposite the Richard Rodgers Theatre. There will be another location in Los Angeles to be opened the same day beside the Pantages Theatre.

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