The Cast of “Hamilton” Dressed by Paul Tazewell

Paul Tazewell

The Bloomberg Businessweek Design conference was the place where Paul Tazewell had been caught by cheeky paparazzi. He worked on numerous projects though the brightest one is definitely “Hamilton”. That is why Tazewell was asked the following question: “How did you dress up the entire Hamilton cast?”

Paul was made to take a stroll down a memory line. The first thing he did is a careful examination of the script. WOW! The time of Founding Fathers, the 18th century! It was a great challenge requiring colossal efforts to bring images from his mind into reality. He decided to absorb himself in that atmosphere to make the picture as much realistic as it can be.

Tazewell took out the images of historical personalities from the Internet as well as from his own design library. In fact, people knew how the people from the 18th century should look like. Everyone remembers pictures from school books on history and lots of movies were made about that period of time. The main task was to meet the expectations or even exceed them.

The slogan of his work was “everything from the shoulders down will reflect the times of the Revolutionary War and everything from the neck up will be modern”. It means that men’s and ladies’ make up and hairdoswill remind of modern ones.

Once we have agreed on the plan multiple fittings were being made. Frilly coats, corsets, boots and women shoes… It demanded a patience of a saint to make the slightest detail impeccable. Another demand of the cast was comfort. It should feel as if they wore jeans and loose T-shirts. Paul Tazewell neededto modify each outfit suitable for singing and dancing.

Lin-Manuel Miranda requested for one thing only. “Hamilton had to be in green,” Tazewell says, “the green of money.” The leading actors stand out wearing brighter colors while the rest of the team has neutral tints.

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