Cardboard Lessons as a Time-Machine to Hamilton Times


It seems that there is no person who wouldn’t know about Alexander Hamilton. Actually, his personality is still at the tip of the tongue thanks to the musical created by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

There is more to the performance than meets the eye. That is why it should be seen by as many people as possible. Special attention is paid to students who is destined to write a modern history of the USA.

Gilder Lehman Institute has presented a high-tech opportunity to look at the times of the Revolutionary War. Hamilton and Burr, New York of the 18th century, Independence Hall have come alive! By means of Google Cardboard Viewers students learn about the important events that ushered in great changes in the development of the USA.

Guys at Oakland’s College Preparatory Academy discovered a lot of new things about such a historical personality as Alexander Hamilton. They just pressed their faces against boxes and their eyes got fixated on screens of Android phones. Once the pictures appear they guys wow simultaneously.

Suzanna Bobadilla was leading the virtually tour in an interesting way. For instance, she made a comparison of pamphlet rivalry with text messages etc. Such kind of narrative is more entertaining than dry regurgitating facts.

The students were excited with the tour. It piqued an interest to watch the musical “Hamilton” in person from the beginning till the end. Maybe, in the near future the musical will be available in the virtual reality.

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