Can Anybody Resist Hamilton? (Highly Likely No)

Actor and writer Rhik Samadder share his thoughts and impressions about Hamilton. He is a living example that probably nobody can resist the award-winning musical. Before seeing it live, he was quite skeptical about the majority of mainstream cultural items like Harry Potter books, Game of Thrones seasons or Beyoncé albums. He was simply ignoring them without a doubt. Even though there is a lot of social pressure, he fined such an art senseless and not worth his attention.

Rhik Samadder

He compares the hype around Hamilton with a pilgrimage to weeping Madonna: a lot of people were selling things to book an extremely expensive seat to see the legendary show in 2016. As for Samadder, the event has passed as a transient occurrence for him, while his acquaintances were learning all about the musical from scripts to song lyrics.

He didn’t understand why so many people are literally bent on Hamilton. He asked them why. They answered, that Hamilton is a story about the Founding Father of America. Rhik found that explanation not enough and continue wondering why.

He doesn’t understand how a musical could deserve a Pulitzer. “In my drama school musical theatre students were considered agents of Satan” – says Samadder – “While some of us were dreaming about pubs, they were always ready to present themselves. He didn’t like their art form calling it “asinine, covertly conservative and far too popular”.

Finally, the premiere of Hamilton was announced in London. It may sound strange, but news feed in all the social networks was full with people who take photos of their tickets or themselves or simply write how they can’t wait for seeing the show. Rick Samadder got his ticket too due to friend’s pressure, who said that he has “loads of free time”, so it is shame to miss such an opportunity. He remembers that tickets were extremely expensive. Eventually, Rick visited the show a couple of weeks ago.

He felt uncomfortable from the minute he was on the scene. The theater where Hamilton was held is located near the worst station in Great Britain (according to Rick’s opinion) – Victoria station.

Hamilton London

A queue resembled a tremendous real-life version of Snake game and was terrifically long. You had to bring with you not only tickets but also identification papers such as a passport, driving licence or a council tax bill. All these requirements made it look like a border check at an airport or similar place.

After you come in, you understand that show’s self-regard is incredibly high. However, it was the worst thing for Rick Samadder to leave the theater – he realized that Hamilton is as good as everyone says it is and even better. The thing he liked most was the amazing combination of the ideas about nationhood and statesmen ship, highlighting the women’s role in history and the damning power of human’s ambitions. Now he strongly recommends everyone to visit this show, otherwise, your life will have been “a total waste”.

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