Alexander Hamilton: Who was He?

Alexander Hamilton

The performance “Hamilton” has made a real sensation within the whole country and far beyond it. People can’t get enough of it till now. The times of the Revolutionary War had a great deal of heroes though Alexander Hamilton got in the spotlight for Lin Manuel Miranda.

Mr. Bradford, a lecturer of the Organization of American Historians talked to students of Lake Bluff Middle school about Hamilton, Miranda and the musical.

It seemed like the three things are inconsistent though they are! This fiery combination resulted in a cultural phenomenon called the musical “Hamilton”.

Mr. Bradford was astonished with how much people know about A. Hamilton as an historical personality. “He is a ten-dollar bill man. Is that all?”

In fact, Miranda prompted fans to find out more about him. Actually, that is why Bradford, a real professional, was there – to make people more aware of their historical past. The information is better perceived when there is at least some basic competence.

The historian didn’t mean to bore students with scrupulous details and dates. What he meant to do was to present them with a general outline. Thus, Bradford told them about the background of Hamilton: his place of birth was a Caribbean island, he never knew his father and he studied in New Jersey, King’s college and Columbia college.

The immigrant came to New York on the verge of the Revolution. Before it, he got enrolled in the state militia of New York. Then, a turning point happed in his life – George Washington paid attention to him. Since that time, Alexander Hamilton was “… an aide de camp, a messenger, a translator and confidante for Washington”.

Hamilton had no father while Washington had no son. Perhaps, it might be the key for their successful partnership.

Another important stage in Hamilton’s career was a new position: the first Secretary of the Treasury. Give credit when credit is due. That is exactly the case with Hamilton.

Historians underline his achievements. He was responsible for paying wages to soldiers. In addition, he paid off the debt left as a legacy from the Revolution. In other words, the pocket of the nation was under control of Alexander Hamilton. Thanks to him, the country had enough money to go ahead.

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