5 Facts You Didn’t Know about “Hamilton”

5 facts about Hamilton

1. The White House is where “Hamilton” began

Actually, it was not the musical as it is now. Lin-Manuel Miranda performed the song “Alexander Hamilton” in 2009 at the White House during the presidency of Barack Obama. The mini-performance got a rousing reception and Miranda kept working on the idea in a much broader context. Thus, another song “My shot” were released within a year. In the interview to 60 minutes Miranda said: “Every couplet needed to be the best couplet I ever wrote”.

2. Mixtape Developed into a Revolutionary Musical

The musical used to be a mixtape. However, it was not enough to present the display of Miranda’s ideas. He wanted to cast actors based on a concept of diversity. As Lin-Manuel said to The New York Times: “I wanted to be a little more selfish with this—I wanted the lyrics to have the density that my favorite hip-hop albums have… and I always imagined George Washington as a mix between Common and John Legend”.

3. “Wait for it” was Written on the Subway and Train

Miranda was on the way to Brooklyn to celebrate his friend’s birthday. As we know, all great ideas come to head out of nowhere. The same happened to Lin-Manuel. He recorded the melody into his iPhone. After his friend’s party (15 minutes’ staying there) Miranda headed back home by train. This is where the rest of “Wait for it” was crafted.

4. “Hamilton” is the Fastest Musical

6.3 words/1 second, isn’t it impressive? The density the show presents is full of action. Miranda packed each second to entirely reveal his message to the audience. If the lyrics were sung at a usual pace people would be sitting at the theatre for 5-6 hours. Therefore, a hip-hop musical is able to transmit 144 words/1 minute.

5. Miranda Hesitated to Play Hamilton or Burr

Nowadays, Hamilton isn’t associated with a ten-dollar bill only. Hamilton is Lin-Manuel Miranda at least for 2,5 hours. However, he couldn’t decide who matches his personality better. According to his words: “I feel like I have been Burr in my life as many times as I have been Hamilton”. We don’t know how Miranda would play Burr but the role of Hamilton is impeccable. Lin-Manuel set the bar really high and he jumped over it.

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